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General Spanish

The aim is that you can express yourself,understand and interact appropriately in various real-life situations.  


Specific purposes

Spanish for business,travelling, exams or personal life. This course is customised to satisfy your specific needs.



Gain confidence and get fluent learning new skills to help you communicate naturally.


A fast and fun way to survive as a tourist in a Spanish speaking country. It is suitable for students with zero or basic Spanish level.

Improving pronunciation

We can work specifically with students to improve diction and pronunciation in Spanish.

Lessons for companies

Lessons are organised flexibly around the busy schedule of your employees ensuring that valuable working time is not compromised. Tell us what you need and we will help you! 

Exam preparations

We can help you to prepare for tests as well as for the recognized international certification in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE).

Inmersion programmes

If you are running on a deadline and need dedicated Spanish tuition we can organise blocks with multiple sessions.

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